Private Guided Tour of Roman Nîmes

Nîmes… One of the best preserved Roman cities of France… Your Private Guided Tour of Roman Nîmes takes you through the monuments, the streets and squares of the city to discover its glorious Roman past… Your Private Guide, who is local and knows the city very well, will share with you the secrets of Nîmes
Private Guided Tour of Roman Nîmes - the Arena © Heilfort Steffen - France History

Private Guided Tour of Roman Nîmes: History

Nîmes became a Roman colony sometime before 28 BC. Veterans of the Roman legions who had served Julius Caesar in his Nile campaigns, at the end of 15 years of soldiering, were given plots of land to cultivate on the plain of Nîmes. The city was located on the Via Domitia, a Roman road which connected Italy to Spain.

Augustus made the city the capital of Narbonne province, and gave it all its glory, with estimated population of 60,000.

After the Gallo-Roman period, in the days of invasion and decadence, the Christian Church, already established in Gaul since the 1st century AD, appeared be the last refuge of classical civilization.

During the 14th and 15th centuries the Rhone Valley underwent an uninterrupted series of invasions which ruined the economy and caused famine. Nîmes, which was one of the Protestant strongholds during the French Wars of Religion, suffered a lot from these trouble times.

Order was not restored until 1815… And Nîmes became the metropolis of Bas-Languedoc, diversifying its industry towards new kinds of activity.
Private Guided Tour of Roman Nîmes - Diana temple © Przemysław Sakrajda - France History

Private Guided Tour of Roman Nîmes : take the Tour

Discover the Arena, the enigmatic Magne tower perched atop the lovely “Jardins de la Fontaine” (park), the “Maison Carrée” (very well preserved temple), the Castellum (construction which divided the water supply in the city to different fountains), the temple of Diana, the Augustus arch of triumph… From unknown ancient ruins to the most renowned monuments, your Private Guided Tour takes you to the discovery of Nîmes and its history, not forgetting to share with you the many stories and legends of the city…

And why not completing your Tour with a Private Guided Tour of the unique and famous RomanPont du Guard“, a few miles away from Nîmes?
Private Guided Tour of Roman Nîmes - Maison Carrée - France History

Private Guided Tour of Roman Nîmes : details

Your Private Guided Tour of Roman Nîmes lasts 2 hours.

If you don’t have your own vehicle, we can also organize transportation with a private limousine or van.

Relax! Your Private Guided Tour is entirely custom-tailored : depending on your requests, we adapt to your wishes, we visit at your own pace, you skip the line and have priority access to monuments.

Save time & money: we complete your Private Guided Tour with recommendations for the best neighboring restaurants, hotels and exhibitions, in order to provide a unique experience.

You are accompanied by an independent local professional guide / or specialist, selected based on his / her interest in History and regional habits.

Private Guided Tour of Roman Nîmes : book now

Each Private Guided Tour is custom-tailored and different : prices start at 259€ per group (up to 4 persons).

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